Environment Matters

Our dry cleaning delivery service specializes in environmentally friendly cleaning process. The technology that we use is called “EcoSolv”. With all of the talk about “sustainable green businesses”, an important issue often overlooked is the sustainability of the business itself. Green products and services usually cost more to produce and deliver, and few customers are willing to pay more for them. When going green puts business owners in the red, businesses can’t survive, and that doesn’t help the environment.

The built-in advantage of EcoSolv is that it doesn’t cost anymore to use. Dry cleaning machines that can run using EcoSolv are no more expensive than traditional dry cleaning machines, and they can be configured to operate with less energy and expense using new cold filtration technologies. Your clothes that are dry cleaned using EcoSolv, come back to you with less static, less lint, less wrinkling, and are odorless. All of these reduce the time for special handling, processing and the finishing of your garments, thus reducing the expense to all. With productivity and operating efficiencies like these, going green using EcoSolv benefits everyone.


The Name Means A Lot

EcoSolv is a green dry cleaning process that is completely safe. It is 100% Biodegradable, so there is no risk to the air, soil, or water. As a customer of ours you will appreciate how clean and fresh your garments smell and feel when they are returned to you.

  • EcoSolv Makes Whites Whiter and Colors Brighter,
  • EcoSolv Cleans delicate classification fabrics,
  • EcoSolv Does Not remove the Natural Products from your Clothes,
  • EcoSolv Leaves Your Clothes Looking and Feeling New,
  • EcoSolv is Gentle to Accessories, Special Trims and Buttons.